Architect Designed


The Church general Hospital at Wuchang, Harry Hussey

Plate 13: The ACM Church General Hospital, Wuchang, 1916

Source: Logan H. Roots, Our Plan for the Church General Hospital, Wuchang, New York: The Board of Missions, c. 1916: 2.

Plans and Photograph

Peking Central Hospital, designed by Harry Hussey for a Committee of Chinese Trustees, 1916



Plate 15: Peking Central Hospital, 1916

Source: CMMJ, Vol. 31, no. 4 (1917): 271.


Peking Union Medical College: Proposal by Harry Hussey of Shattuck and Hussey for the Rockefeller Foundation


Plate 16: Peking Union Medical College, Perspective by Hussey

Source: China Medical Board Third Annual Report, January1 – December 31, 1919. Rockefeller Archive Center, CMB/PUMC, Folder 68–69

Courtesy of the Rockefeller Archive Center.

Plans and Photographs


 Architect’s Perspective of the Methodist Episcoplian Mission (South) Soochow Hospital, 1919*

Plate 17: Architect’s perspective, MEM(S) Soochow Hospital,1919.

Source: CMMJ 34, no. 5 (1920): 467.

Plans and Photograph

 Architect-Designed Hospitals, Hsiangya, Yale-in China,

Hsiangya Hospital,
Changsha, Hunan, 1913

Source:Edward H Hume,
Doctors East Doctors West:
An American Physician’s Life
in China, New York: W.W.
Norton and Co., 1946: p. 175.